FBO Moscow


A-GROUP presents certified helicopter pad right next to the Terminal A in Sheremetyevo airport. A-GROUP helipad accepts the helicopters with the maximum take-off weight up to 13 tons. Operating meteo conditions 200 X 2000 meters during day time and 400 X 4000 meters during night time.

Maximum helicopter parking time at helipad is 1 hour.

The operating capacity is 25 flights per day.

Passenger benefits and opportunities:

  • Enjoy quick transfer by helicopter to the airport;

  • Quick and convenient trip continuing by business jet;

  • Transfer to commercial airlines;

  • Continue to travel by helicopter from our FBOs.

Helicopter operators and crews:

  • Convenient and easy helicopter handling facilities and equipment;

  • Crew lounges;

  • Helicopter apron and hangar storage facilities.