FBO Moscow

Ground Handling

FBO Sheremetyevo offers ground handling services that match the world’s highest standards.

Our services and equipment:

  • De-icing/Anti-icing services;

  • Aircraft external washing services;

  • In-hangar towing equipment.

Our equipment and personnel comply with Federal Air Transport Agency requirements, and AEA international standards and recommendations.

A-GROUP contracts only high quality products:

  • Safewing MP IV LAUNCH, type IV. SAE AMS 1428/ISO 11078

  • Safewing EG I 1996 (88), type I. SAE AMS 1424/ISO 11075

Aircraft external washing is performed according to industry standards and A-GROUP uses only high quality cleaning chemicals and liquids.

All other services are subcontracted from Sheremetyevo International Airport as an authorized provider.